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This summer I randomly decided to start doing my nails a lot. Here are the results. I post my manicures, as well as new nail products and programs that I love. I'm just starting out in the nail blog world, but everyone's gotta start somewhere. Be on the lookout for reviews and tutorials hopefully coming up soon!

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Today I have Pretty & Polished ‘Bubbles’. This is the second polish in the True Blue Duo that also featured ‘Sea Spray’ that I reviewed last week. Bubbles is a blue glitter topper that consists of a mix of basically any type of blue glitter you can think of in a clear base. There are holographics, iridescents, regular, squares, hexes, microglitter. This polish has it all.

I’m not usually one for glitter top coats, but I’m in love with this one. The glitter just glows. It’s beautiful! It looks great over it’s duo partner, Sea Spray, as I have pictured in the top 3 pictures, but it’s also incredible over tons of other colors. In the bottom photo, I’ve shown it over Nails Inc. Basil Street (the nude color), Nails Inc. Haymarket (the mint), and Nicole by OPI Am I Making Myself Claire? (the pink from the new Modern Family collection). I am OBSESSED with layering Bubbles over that Nails Inc. nude. It’s amazing. 

The formula on this polish was great, no placing required, and good glitter coverage. 

You can purchase Pretty & Polished polishes on her etsy or on her brand new shop website.

You can also keep up with the brand on the Facebook page here.

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