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This summer I randomly decided to start doing my nails a lot. Here are the results. I post my manicures, as well as new nail products and programs that I love. I'm just starting out in the nail blog world, but everyone's gotta start somewhere. Be on the lookout for reviews and tutorials hopefully coming up soon!

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Hi guys! Today I have a new color changer from Pretty & Polished. This polish is called Butterfly Garden and goes from a bright yellow green when warm to a darker grass green when cold. On top of the great color change, this polish contains small hex glitters in coral, light orange, lavender, and pale yellow; medium hexes in coral and pale yellow; medium green circle glitters, and butterfly and flower glitters in various colors. Typically I’m not a fan of shaped glitters like these, but these just really work with the glitter combo in this polish.

In the first photo you can see left to right: Butterfly Garden cold, transitioning, and then warm. The right picture shows the polish as it was normally on my nails.

As far as application, this polish was great. Very smooth for the most part and the small glitters dispersed easily. I did have to fish a bit for the larger glitters, but that was really due to the mini bottle that the sample came in. In the regular 15 ml bottle I don’t think that it would be a problem at all to get the flowers and butterflies.

Now I know what you’re thinking, the two photos above look like two totally different polishes. It turns out that this gorgeous polish may be the most difficult polish to photograph ever haha. The picture on the right is the most color accurate photo I could manage to get. I really love how vibrant the colors are, and wish that photos conveyed how fun the brightness is.

Hope that you guys love this polish as much as I do! It can be purchased at and you can also follow the brand on Facebook!

Inspired by mrcandiipants new spring floral tutorial.

These were my Blackhawks Rally nails

4th of July nails

Love love love this color